At Jesse James Comics, it is our highest priority to make every effort in meeting the needs of any and all fans in this amazing industry. We offer a huge selection of new and back issues. We try our best  to help the fans secure their treasured comic investments. We engage this industry to provide exclusive materials  to the fans, and inform them of what issues are coming out so they can make an educated decision on what they want to invest their money in.

At Jesse James Comics, we know the value of protecting your investment. You work hard at building your collection and what better way to not only protect your valued comics but increase that value at the same time than to have them graded and slabbed.


JJC has established a great relationship with CGC, the leading grading company in the industry. We can not only take care of the grading process for you but with three members of the shop being signature verifiers for CGC we can even witness your charised comics being signed by your favorite artist, writer, and more.

Aside from having a huge selection of new releases and back issues in our 7000 sqft. brick and mortar shop we also have a large online store with ebay.


You are sure to find what you are looking for and if we don't have it we will do our best to find a way to make sure we do


We know you have a large number of options when it comes to getting your favorite comics and we want you to know that we appriciate your business and your loyalty and we will make every effort to do our best to make sure we keep it for a long time to come.


Jesse James Comics works very hard with the amazingly talanted people of this industry and its publishers to provide the fans with exclusive content.


We are even forming partnerships with companies outside the comic universe in an effort to keep this industry thriving for generations to come.


In our time of being in business, we have secured almost 90 exclusives and that number is going to keep growing and growing. As long as there are fans for us to serve, there will be our exclusives!

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If you want your favorite monthly comics before they are sold out, then meet with one of our friendly team members and open a subscription account. With this, you can not only secure your favorite issues but you will also recieve a 20% discount on all new issues PLUS every $200 dollars you spend we will apply a $10 credit on your next purchase!


All comics are bagged and boarded free of charge! You can even click the link below to see what is coming out a head of time.

JJC Comic Pressing Service


Are you getting ready to submit your comic for grading and you think you can get a better grade if the book is pressed or do you simply just want to freshen up the books appearance? Well pressing my be right for you!



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