Whoa! What's happening?!?

As you may have already noticed, our website is undergoing some major changes. We are NOT going anywhere, just changing things up a bit. We still have comics, but the bulk of our sales have moved online. If you follow the link up there that says STORE, you will be whisked over to our online portal where you can peruse and purchase the comics we currently have in our inventory. And our e-bay store remains active, giving you yet another source of our comics

If you are interested in our events that are taking place on Facebook Live, make sure you check out the BINGE BAR link above. It will take you to the Facebook page of Comic Book Shopping Network, where we and other sellers are holding live Facebook events on a weekly schedule. 

To our gaming customers. We will continue to have gaming in our store. We still have all the games as before, and we will continue to hold tournaments as soon as current events allow us. We know you are all going a little stir crazy and we are currently working on making sure our store is safe, clean, sanitized, and ready to continue playing games. In the meantime, our gaming website has our pre-orders for all our games. 

From all of us here at the store, until we can get back to a normal semblance of life, everyone stay safe, stay healthy, and we will still be here when this is all over.