February 21, 2016

February 4, 2016

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Let's Get Something Straight!

February 8, 2016

Before I write this.... I want to make sure everybody knows I LOVE JEN!!! I think she is one of the Coolest and Smartest Retailers in this industry.


My concern is the fact that we continue to talk about Variants as a crux to this industry.

Don't order them is the best way I can explain this to retailers. If you can't afford them then Don't Buy them. If you don't have other avenues to sell off your extra Drek then Don't Buy them. If you have to tell a customer "NO" because you will lose money chasing their variant, it’s fine as long as they know. Go online buy it for them, from a retailer who has it and don't waste your money on 75 copies you won't sale.


In our case, our customers love cover art and they love theme covers especially. This notion, that all Variant buyers are Speculators, is a sheer lack of not understanding this part of the market. Yes, there are speculators out there but there are speculators out there for ASM #700 regular cover as well.


20% of our total volume is Variants and 10% are Exclusives. Apparently I don't follow the norm. But again, we sell our customers what they want and don't detract them from their personal needs or joy of collecting what they want.


Now, where Jen is completely right is that some retailers just don't know about Turn rates, Sell Throughs or Bottom Line Margin/Profits. But is that because of Variants or just lack of Business 101?


I'm glad retailers are worried about other stores. Jen and I have talked for hours about this. This industry is a Bad -ASS industry to be in. Just like any other industry, though, owners have to make decision whether or it's good or bad.


Marvel's 200% is FUBAR. Diamonds Gold sponsors minimums are FUBAR. What's not FUBAR is taking care of our customers on whatever they need.


We will continue to order Variants at the max we can get and we will continue to send Variants across the world because their store told them no. It's a perfect cycle for everybody.


I love you Jen and I applaud your article...now go sell some comics.


PS If I see another store call their cover a Variant....it's freaking not, it's an Exclusive get your marketing straight!


I did tell you I love you Jen right?


Double P.S. Does anyone have some extra MMPR any colors? Green, White? Pick your battle not the war...


- A Jesse James rebuttal to a Bleeding Cool Article: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/02/07/houston-she-has-a-problem-running-a-comic-store-today/

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